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Fork Positioner

Choose the right forklift Positioner today

Fork Positioners allow an operator to move the forks quickly and accurately, with no need to reposition the forklift in its entirety. Sheffield-based Hallam Materials Handling is fully equipped to satisfy all your sales and servicing needs.

Fork positioner

Increase productivity and improve your forklift's efficiency

Investing in a quality fork positioner can make all the difference to your business. Designed to allow for adjusting the position of the forks from the driver's seat and quickly adjusting for any range of pallet size, the right positioners can help speed up and optimise your operation. 

Hallam Materials Handling can supply a range of quality fork positioners for sale and to hire anywhere in the UK or to ship internationally across Europe.

A range of options available:

  • Many fork mounting options Increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your machinery. We can supply a variety of mounting options including hook-on, bolt-on forks, weigh forks and telescopic options.

  • Heavy duty load backrests can be supplied to help stabilise loads.

  • Various opening ranges. Whether your forklift needs to operate in narrow aisles or requires an extra-wide reach, we have options to suit your application.

Features and benefits include:

  • Increased productivity. Positionable forks allow operators to make fine adjustments, without needing to move the entire forklift or machinery.

  • Reduced risk of damage or injury. Correct positioning is key for preventing accidental damage, unstable loads and other hazards. Adjustable forks can help make operating the machine much safer.

Benefits of a new forklift Fork Positioner include:

  • Reduced downtime/wasted time due to exiting and repositioning the machinery

  • Most models of fork positioner require no welding

  • We can supply heavy-duty options for the toughest tasks

Our team is also able to offer a wide range of repairs and servicing, ensuring you can keep your positioners working for as long as possible.

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Wide Opening Fork Positioner
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Looking for the right Fork Positioners? Call Hallam Materials Handling, Sheffield:

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