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Multi Pallet Handler

Order Multi Pallet Handlers from Hallam Materials Handling Ltd

Hallam Materials Handling Multi Pallet Handlers are designed and engineered to deliver exactly what is required for the customer to move loads faster and minimise damage. They easily allow the movement of one or two pallets side by side, thanks to the small dimension of the frame that eases operations in limited spaces.


Equipped with four Bolt-on Forks, supplied as standard with reinforced heel and load backrest which makes them easy and quick to replace. The benefit of Semi-integral Sideshift easily facilitates the handling of the pallets.

We have the capability to work with customers throughout the UK and overseas.

Double pallet handler
Multi Can Handling
Double Pallet Handler with Sideshift

Single and Multiple Load Pallet Handlers

Designed for use in industries such as textile, food, beverage, bottling, brewing, manufacturing and in warehouse/shipping operations, Double and Multi Pallet Handlers are a must-have piece of equipment to aid performance in the handling and moving of goods.
Hallam Materials Handling is committed to offering solutions to the most demanding of applications throughout the material handling industry. Capable of handling a single pallet, or multiple pallets side by side, we can supply you with the right Multi Pallet Handlers for your business needs.

We stock a range of new and used attachments

Hallam Materials Handling is fully equipped to fulfil all your attachment needs. We stock a wide selection of quality Multi Pallet Handlers, ClampsFork Positioners and more, from our reputable, trusted, leading manufacturers.

We also stock a selection of refurbished units, proving a more budget-friendly alternative. In addition, you can also count on us for spares, repairs, and servicing. 

Hallam Materials Handling is committed to providing a professional service at all times and ensuring the best for our customer. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs today.

Features include:

•    Excellent visibility, both through and over the frame, helping to maintain safe operation and prevent damage to goods
•    Durable steel frame construction
•    Easy to access cylinders for quick servicing and repairs
•    Bolt-on interchangeable forks designed to reduce service cost
•    Inner forks mounted on two chrome bars for greater inner fork stability
•    Non-sideshifting models are available

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Ask about our range of Multi Pallet Handlers today. Contact our Sheffield-based team now on:

Delivering across the UK

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